1990 Dodge Van • 136,000 miles

My van has been running great up to a month or so ago I was driving down the highway and as long as I just have my foot on the gas lightly you dont notice it but when you try to give it some gas it bogs the engine down. You let off the gas and just give it a little bit seems to run fine. I can duplicate this at lower speeds then 65 miles per hour but seems to happen after I run it for a little while, actually moving. Starts fine idles fine. I drive it up and down the hill never has a problem. I suspect the fuel pump any other things I can check to rule this as the guilty party? I notice it occurs more as Im coasting down the road then go to try to press on the gas as well. Any ideas/comments/help VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!
December 10, 2012.

Scan for codes and check fuel pressure first

Dec 10, 2012.
No codes other then battery disconnected and end check code. No other codes coming up. I bought a new fuel pump today gonna see if it fixes it?

Why dont' you check the pressure first before throwing money away on parts you may not need. It cold be something other than a pump, see what you have first before doing a job that isn't the easiest.

Dec 30, 2012.
It was the fuel pump. Just lacking $$$ to buy stuff to test and I dont really know anyone else with tools like this. But, It was the fuel pump. Took me an hour or so to pull it out lucky I had ran the van out of gas driving it up and down the hill. : )

Alot of parts stores rent the tools for stuff like fuel pressure

Jan 26, 2013.