1990 Cadillac Brougham • 93,000 miles

My char three a check engine light. I pulled gm code 32 off of the Aldl. I swapped Egr valves from another car I had I just put in 10000 miles ago And the lift still comes back on. On the Egr vale I swapped the diaphragm works great and is clear of any debris or carbon. What else could throw this light on and off a lot?
September 6, 2012.

Check the EGR passages for clogging.

Sep 6, 2012.
Check to see if the vacuum hose leading to it is leaking ornot. That can cause it as this needs to have vacuum tests done to it to make sure its'ok. It cold also be a clogged egr port or broken pipe going to it.

Sep 6, 2012.
Diagnostic Aids

The Code 32 chart is a functional check of the EGR system. If the EGR system works properly and a Code 32 has set, check for other causes for an increased open throttle block learn value.

Check for a blocked/restricted intake and EGR passages.

Check vacuum lines.

Check the MAP sensor function. A MAP sensor may shift enough in calibration to affect the air/fuel mixture without setting a MAP related code.

Sep 6, 2012.