1990 Acura Integra • 296,000 miles

I need to take out an old fuel pump, and install a new one. (A) I have never done this before, (B) I am buying a fuel pump that requires some reassembly from the preexisting pump; how do I do this?
November 18, 2012.

Once you remove the pump holder you will simply be replacing the old pump withthe new one and you may have to use an adapter, which they should surprise to align everything properly. You will also be given a new electrical connector that you will have to sauder in. This is because the stock one may not fit as you have a semi-universal pump. This is going to be the case with almost any pump except an Acura pump. I can't tell you exactly what you will have to do without being able to look at pump and instructions, but just mae sure you have it aligned the same way it is when you pull it out. When I refer tho alignment I not only mean the pump but the fuel line as well.
You can always call the company's tech line before or during installation as they should have the best idea as to what needs to be assembled with which parts to make it work correctly.

The injectors no work

Nov 22, 2012.
RC engineering is a good place to go to get your injectors rebuilt.