1989 Pontiac Grand Prix

I'm ready to buy this 1989 Pontiac Grand Prix for $500. Thing is the head gasket needs to be replaced, and I was wondering would I be able to do it myself with a help of a friend who works on cars.
January 28, 2013.

I had an 89 grandprix se. It was like sitting in the cockpit of an f-16. All the bells and whistles. The red dash lights, digital speedo. The compass in the centre console, 30 way power seats, buckets in the back. The 2.8 and the 3.1 were notorious for head gaskets and if overheated could be prone to A cracked cylinder. Get a 3.8 and stuff it in there they are bullet proof. You may luck out and just have a head gasket issue, but I went through three 3.1ltr engines. Not to mention the dash lights started going out and they're not cheap to replace. Look for a newer one unless this thing has low miles.

Jan 28, 2013.
What is the rest of the car like? Is it wort spending the money doing the head, and it will be more than just fitting a new gasket, you will be spending more than the price of the car on the fix, is it worth it?

Jan 28, 2013.