1989 Plymouth Voyager • 6 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 63,094 miles

1989 Plymouth Voyager mileage: 63,094. I just had my car fixed because my catalytic converters clogged. They told me I needed to find out why they were clogging and they ran it on the diagnostic machine. They called me a half hour later and said everything was fine. Could this happen from just normal wear? In addition, I am now hearing this rubbing noise on the front driver side. Also a lot of rattling. Someone said my shocks were shot. Could this be? Help. My dad pass away and he was my mechanic!
October 27, 2010.

Catalytic converters plug usually because of a rich fuel mixture. Have exhaust gases analysis to determine the correct mixture. As for your noises, without actually “seeing” your car and driving it, it is impossible for us to diagnose your problem. Talk with friends and neighbors to locate a professional auto mechanic you can trust.

Oct 28, 2010.
Is there anyway u can test the catalytic converter to see`if ther are clogged