1989 Jeep Wagoneer • V8 4WD Automatic • 126,000 miles

Just bought a 1989 jeep grand wagoneer and the brake lights stopped working. All othe rlights work fine. I think it is a switch the connects when the brake pedal is depressed not working but wondering if you had any other ideas. Also what is the exact locaton of such a switch and the easies way to replace.
December 18, 2010.

This sorta looks like one in a CJ,

The problem I had was having was the darn switch would sorta slide back in the hole and the stop light would remain on.

You can disconnect the connector, and Jumper wire or paperclip across the terminals on the connector to "By-pass" the actual verify if its a bad switch or not.

This would be found at the upper most portion of your brake pedal

Let me know your results (below)

The Medic

Dec 18, 2010.
Check that you have power both sides of the switch with the pedal down, make sure that the switch is not looses in the housing as the last poster suggested, if you have power through the switch and to th globe holder, check the earth next.

Mark (mhpautos)

Dec 23, 2010.