1989 Jaguar XJS • V12 2WD Automatic • 130 miles

1989 jag xjs 5.2 conv.130k. Used to cut out on only hot days[guage didn't go above norm]wait 15 mins and it wuold start right up and run fine for 5 mins and same thing. Now cuts out even cold, not always when idling. Changed ignition amplifier, plugs, coil, fuel pump[2yrs ago] someone said it could be crank sensors, my mechanic says there aren't any on this model, but for a so-called jag expert he's been wrong a bunch of times before. Please help, my wife now hates me and my baby.
Dominic bradley
March 1, 2011.

Fire your mechanic. 89 Jag XJSV12 has a crank sensor located at the front of the engine on the left side of the crank pully. Also has a flywheel sensor mounted at the top of the engine at the rear almost in the middle drivers side. Also they both have soldiered bad connections that are covered up by a plastic cover just a few inches away from the connection to the sensor. Take it apart and resoldier the connection.

Dec 14, 2011.