1989 Isuzu Trooper • 6 cylinder 4WD Manual • 210,000 miles

1989 Isuzu trooper 2.6
1st can not find the timing reset wire under passenger side inside cab. 2nd have new heads put on have at TDC exhaust stock on the 1 piston and rotor points to the #1 wire on distributor but wont wonts to start how ever runs real ruff and will not stay running do I need to reset the timing.
January 4, 2011.

We need to have separate questions for each problem or it gets way to hard to follow so I will address the timing issue here.

There doesn't seem to be any timing connector on this vehicle.

Here are the factory instructions

Adjust ignition timing under the following conditions: 1. Engine at normal operating temperature.
2. Lights, A/C, and accessories turned off.
3. Engine idling at proper idle speed, with throttle valve completely closed and idle switch "ON" (see IDLE SPEED under ADJUSTMENT PROCEDURES ).
4. Transmission in "Park" or "Neutral".

Timing procedure: 1. Connect timing light.
2. Loosen distributor mounting bolt.
3. Adjust timing to specification: 12°BTDC @ 900 rpm.
4. Tighten distributor mounting bolt.
5. Recheck timing, repeat adjustment if necessary.

Jan 4, 2011.