1989 Chevrolet Van • V8 2WD Automatic • 185,000 miles

I have an 89 chevy g20 conversion with rear heat. I can run my engine for a while and yet the temp gauge doesnt get very warm and neither does the heat. I have replaced the thermostat and topped off the coolant. I am wondering what could cause it not to warm up?
February 8, 2011.

If you live in an extremely cold region, do you use a block heater? I don't trust gages on older vehicles, I'd have to use another way to check engine temp, like a non-contact infra-red temp sensor. Maybe the heater core needs to be flushed. Do the heater hoses get hot? Blower motor work ok?

Feb 8, 2011.
I do live in Mn, and it is cold as hell out here, but I did happen to find a little leak on one of the small heater hoses that goes from the heater core to the cluster mess containing all the valves, but it just doesnt seem like the engine is getting very warm tho on the temp gauge, it barely moves over the 100 mark and goes to the scond mark if Im goin down the road. I dont know if mabe I have alot of air in the system, mabe one of the vacuum valves arent opening, or whats happening, and with the very lil heat inside, mabe thats a combination of it all, I have no clue. Wish it was warm enough to work on it outside, lol! I just replaced my battery today, cause that just froze, and now my altenator is getting weaker too, lol! I hate winter!

Feb 9, 2011.
I live in okla. And I'm freezing. I believe they expect the wind chill to be below zero. Can't compete with Mn, but, cold to me. I hate the wind.

Feb 9, 2011.
In the extreme cold like Mn, sometimes you need a small piece of cardboard infront of the rad to make it heat up enough, even with a new thermostat. YOu should have put a 195 degree stat in it and make sure it's a 50/50 mix regardless of type of antifreeze. If you have an air lock I've had the same problem with vans is to put vise grips on the op hose to force the air from the system. Also if you have the same rad cap replace it as it may not be building enough pressure causing the heat problem.

Mar 12, 2011.