1989 Chevrolet Camaro • V8 2WD Automatic • 168,000 miles

Is there a way to test if the ac and heat blower motor works or not without removing it. When you change the controls from like vent to floor or whatever you can hear it change but nothing is blowing. 1989 chevy camaro rs.
November 27, 2010.

First check the fuse. Then check the switch at the control panel with a test light or meter. (Continuity with the switch turned on) If these two are ok, good bet your motor is blown and you'll have to remove it to test it. Apply 12 volts directly to the motor for a short second. If it turns on, then look at your resistor pack or wiring from fuse box to control panel, then control panel to motor. If motor doesn't turn on, replace it.

Ernest Clark
Nov 27, 2010.