1989 Chevrolet Blazer • 120,000 miles

I recently did a body swap on a k5 replacing the blazer body with a 1970 cj5 I cut 4ft off the rear of the frame and installed a new fuel tank and ran new lines filter, everything. The CPU is hooked up and I used wiring diagrams to wire the ignition system. Now the fuel is making a round trip back to the tank and the engin still wont crank over. Ive already cleaned the injectors.
September 2, 2013.

If the fuel is running directly back to the fuel tank, it sounds like the regulator is bad. Have you checked that?

It doesn't use a fuel regulator my best guess is that I might have to clean the tbi it ran when the project began about 3 months ago

Sep 2, 2013.
How are you regulating fuel pressure? If the fuel is running back to the tank, there will be little to no fuel pressure at the rail.