1988 Subaru GL • 4 cylinder FWD • 150,000 miles

I have a 1988 subaru gl station wagon and its needs the trans axles removed and replaced, so how do I do that. Thank you.
March 20, 2011.

Is this a manual or automatic transmission?

Mar 20, 2011.

Mar 21, 2011.
Remove spare tire and tire support. Disconnect ground cable from engine. Remove Hill-Holder cable, lock nut and clips. Remove clutch cable with return spring, lock nut, adjusting nut and clips. Remove air cleaner and air duct. Remove speedometer cable and clip. Label and disconnect wiring and hoses connected between engine and vehicle body.
Remove starter, radiator and cooling fan assembly. Remove power steering pump, air conditioning compressor and secure away from work area (if equipped). Raise vehicle.
Remove center exhaust pipe. Move rear exhaust pipe away from work area. Remove drive shaft on 4WD models. Plug opening at rear of extension housing. Remove shift linkage from selector lever. Remove stabilizer bar from transverse link. Remove hand brake cable bracket from transverse link. Remove transverse link. Using a punch, drive out each axle shaft spring pin. Separate side axle shafts from drive shafts.

Disconnect engine and transaxle mounts. Remove interfering crossmember(s). Remove engine with transaxle from vehicle. Remove engine-to-transaxle mounting nuts and bolts. Separate engine from transaxle. Remove pressure plate and clutch disc. Remove release bearing, bearing holder and clutch release lever.

Mar 21, 2011.