1988 Honda CRX • 4 cylinder • 210,000 miles

I have 88 crx honda And my heater control went out out on me. For now intil I'm able to afford a new one, so I want to run kinda of a direct line to the blower so I can have some source of heat. How would I do that? I have a switch and wiring but I don't know what wires to use. Is there any way I can do it?
February 21, 2011.

At blower motor, connect the Blue/Black wire to the togle switch and grund the other wire from the switch. Turning the blower on would have it running at maximum speed since you are not able to control it with the fan speed switch and resistors.

Are you sure it is the panel and not the blower motor that is bad?

Feb 21, 2011.