1988 Ford Sierra • 2WD Automatic • 88,000 miles

I have a 1988 European Specification (WFOFXXGBBFJR29447) (KEY 0102) Ford Sierra, 2.0 Ltr, Carburator, Automatic Transmission machine. The symptom that I have is:
1. When the shifter is placed in the "D" position, the Backup Lights are turned on and remain so. They do not function in any other position. However, the auto drives normally in the selected direction (D or R).
2. The engine can also be started in positions other than "P" and "N".
I suspect either a bad switch or maladjustment of the shifter. If so, is the switch and adjustment located under the car on the Transmission or in the car inside of the shifter cowling? Where can I find the repair procedure? Am I headed for a big dollar repair? What do you think? Thanks in advance for the professional assistance in rectifying this.

Where can I find an online technical repair information for my car?
February 24, 2011.

We have found that the online technical repair information from is the best. Visit our repair manuals page to see the different subscription options available.

They have step by step instructions for most repairs along with diagrams. It is great to have a reference manual before starting a project.

2CarPros Mike
Feb 24, 2011.