1988 Chevrolet Truck

Interior problem
1988 Chevy Truck V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 75,000 miles

One Ton Pickup. Single rear axle.

How can the speedometer work and the Odometer not work? I have tried replacing the instrument cluster and does not solve the problem. I have traced the wire to the side of transmission and it seems to be ok. Like I said, speedometer works but odometer stopped years ago. How can this be? Have tried internet searches over the years to no avail.

I love this truck and want to keep it but would like to have to odometer working.
May 24, 2010.

Hi there,

I would put this down to a faulty speedo head, one works off the other, I would be trying a different speedo again,

mark (mhpautos)

May 24, 2010.
Sometimes the odometer gets rusty and binds such that it wont turn. Mine's like that. I swapped the odometer dials out to match the old but since it was a replacement cluster, it went from old and yellow to old and white and not working. I'm looking for a new group of dials so I can watch my oil change mileage. With 300k miles on the truck, I'm not trying to present it as new, just dependable.

Oct 5, 2011.
Remove and take the speedo head apart. When the speedo head is out. Check for lose parts to the odometer. Remove the odometer from the head. There is a white piece of plastic with holes in it. This keeps all the numbers straight and cant be broken. You can remove this and set the odomoter to what ever you want. Just put it back on after setting. When reinstalling youll see a little channel on the speedo housing. The white plastic piece slides in the channel. Then you bolt down the odometer making sure any gears or rods line up with the odometer. Then look through the odometer window. All the nunber should be straght. Then hook the head up. Test drive for proper oper. Then put the head back togeather and install. Ty for using 2carpros

Oct 5, 2011.