1987 Toyota Tercel

I have a 1987 Toyota Tercel wagon, 4WD. Last year it started overheating, it was dumping fluid out of the radiator to the overflow tank. I found a small hole in the radiator and patched it with epoxy weld, it worked fine for 6 months. Then started overheating again, same issue, dumping the fluid, which I understand is caused when the radiator has a leak and is not holding pressure. I found another leak and welded it, but it is still overheating. I am going to get a new radiator, as the one I have is obviously shot.

My question is could there be anything else causing this problem that a new radiator wouldn't fix? Like the thermostat?

March 11, 2013.

Yes it can, If the vehicle overheats the thermostat looses it characteristic, so it is recommended to be replaced.

Mar 11, 2013.
If youradiator has cold spots on it then it is not working it shold be same temp all over. Try the rad first before replaceing anything else. Due to age of this vehicle is more thanlikely the cause of hte overheat. And don't beleive a word that Randico has said he is not an expert

Mar 11, 2013.