1987 Toyota Pickup • 200,000 miles

Issue: After replacing the alternator in my Toyota pickup, no accessories in the cab will work (no indicator or dash lights/clock/buzzing key sound) besides the "charge" or alternator indicator light. The ignition wont engage ether, but headlights work.

Cause: When I removed the old alternator I did not disconnect the ground cable from the battery, however I did disconnect the ground cable before I attempted to install the new alternator. After installing the new alternator I connected the ground cable to the battery and attempted to start the vehicle. When I turned the key to the 'on' position and then to the 'start' position, the above symptoms were produced.

1987 Toyota Pickup, 22RE, 2.4L, 4WD. Factory Turbocharged, 200,064 miles

Thank you so much for your help,
Cole S.
January 7, 2013.

Check the main fuses and fusible links.
When battery is connected, the fuse would blow when the alternator main terminal wire is grounded.

Jan 7, 2013.