1987 Nissan Truck • 6 cylinder 4WD Manual • 244,000 miles

1987 Nissan Hard body 4x4 3.0 mileage: 244,000. I am a mechanic and this has 4 others baffled. I can go out in the morning and start the truck and it runs great. When I go into gear and drive it dies. I loses spark and dumps fuel at the same time. Now you have to wait about 2 hrs to start it again. It has a new distributor, coil, and cap/rotor. I did the tap test on the computer. If you crank it for a while it will finally spark. So can you help. Thanks.
November 9, 2010.

Scan the computer for trouble codes. Check for faulty sensors. With an Ohmmeter, check the ground connections to the computer. You may also have a bad computer.

Nov 9, 2010.