1987 Nissan Pulsar • 99,000 miles

Well me and my son have tried everything but the car will not stay turned on we checked all the vacuum it's in it's rightful place alternator starter and battery seem good the car just won't stay on it has a brand new fuel pressure regulator on the throttle body there is a black wire on the distributor I moved directly to the negative post for better ground the car will turn on at high idle but will cut off if u don't give it gas the previous owner told us he changed the distributor on it the only thing I noticed was that I hooked up the negative wire to the positive post on the battery and then the car did not want to start at all are there any suggestions of why the car will not stay on I also the egr and it looks good.
December 15, 2012.

Check the ignition timing and also find the IACV-AAC and clean it out, to include the PCV valve also go to this link:

Dec 16, 2012.