1987 Isuzu I-Mark • 4 cylinder FWD Manual • 100,000 miles

I have an 87 isuzu i-mark carburated and am having some problems, it hunches like its running out of gas sometimes and gets a bad miss.I figured it was the carburator but it will run fine sometimes and starts it again. Any suggestions?
December 23, 2010.

It could be the carb. When this happens, have you ever noticed smoke from the exhaust? When was the last tune up with new plugs and wires?

Its been a while, thts something i'm planning on doing this week, but yeah all the people I have asked say if if it was the carb it wouldnt usually run good, bad and then good again. They say it would mess up and just get worse, im thinking it could possibly be the disrib. Cap or rotor button, what you think?

Oh and no I havent noticed any smoke at all.

Remove a plug or two and see what they look like. Also, you may want to check fuel pump pressure.