1987 Ford F-150 • 87,000 miles

I am having a few problem with this truck my grandfather has passed down to me. I need new tires but want professional advice, and I noticed my truck keeps smoking from the hood despite the new radiator that was installed. Oil is leaking from the inner rim of the trucks back tire.
February 14, 2013.

Have the cooling system pressure tested to verify the leak.

The rear wheel, if it is oil, axle seal/bearing has failed. If it is brake fluid, wheel cylinder or a brake line


Feb 15, 2013.
What advice do you need to know about the purchase of new tires? The only thing I can advice is this; 1. While buying new tires, ask around about the reputation of the type of tires you are about to buy. If the company has a bad reputation of their products, you better avoid tires from such a company.
2. Check the expiry date of the tires. Expired tires will wear out quicker than supposed. The expiry date is given on the tires.
3. Check the quality of the tires. This is determined by the material make of the tires. High quality definitely means good tires while a low quality material will mean low quality tires. Not good for you.
4. Its also good to consult your mechanic. He knows a lot and he will be the best tire shopping guide for you. Do not be tricked by sellers. They will never tell you the drawbacks of a product they are selling. All the best!

Feb 21, 2013.