1986 Nissan Truck • 6 cylinder AWD Manual •

How do I replace the timing belt on an 86 nissan pick up?
March 23, 2011.


1. Release fuel pressure from fuel delivery system. Raise and support vehicle. Remove right wheel and engine side cover. Lower vehicle. Drain cooling system. Remove cooling fan duct. Remove engine coolant reservoir. Remove actuator. Remove radiator hoses.
DO NOT allow coolant to contact drive belts.

2. Remove front upper and lower belt covers. See Fig. 5. Remove drive belts. Set No. 1 cylinder at TDC of compression stroke. Remove idler bracket of compressor drive belt and crankshaft pulley. Remove timing belt by removing timing belt tensioner and return spring.


1. Confirm that piston No. 1 is at TDC of compression stroke. Remove valve covers and loosen all rocker shaft bolts. DO NOT bend timing belt. Install tensioner and return spring.

2. Turn tensioner clockwise and temporarily tighten lock nut. Install timing belt. Align White lines on timing belt with punch mark on camshaft pulleys and crankshaft pulley. Arrow on timing belt must be pointing toward front belt covers.

3. Slowly turn tensioner with Allen wrench clockwise and counterclockwise 2 or 3 times. When camshafts and crankshaft marks are aligned, tighten tensioner lock nut. See Fig. 6. Ensure that camshaft lobes are correctly positioned. Tighten rocker shaft bolts in 2 stages. To complete installation, reverse removal procedures.

May 20, 2011.