1986 Jaguar XJ6 • 80,000 miles

I have a 1986 jaguar xj6 with 4.2 motor, haynes manual says motor takes 7 and fouth of motot oil, I drained it for days and changed filter it only took 5 and fourth qts to fill I ran it and checked dipstick it said over full, manual says 17.5 us pints?
Frank sikora
December 31, 2012.

I found the crankcase capacity is 8.7 quarts in our service manual. Are you sure that the dipstick is the original one? 5 quarts sounds a little low for that large v6.

Thank you, how would if it is the wrong dipstick, is there a way to tell the right one, the one in the motor says 4.2 but is has another number before the 4.2 I think it says 308 or 3something. Thanks again

Frank sikora
Dec 31, 2012.
I was just thinking if you had not owned the car since it was new it is possible that the previous owner lost the dipstick and replaced it with on e that is the incrrect length.
I am not really sure what to tell you as I don, t have engine code information and overfilling the crankcase is not a good thing. However there are usually letters to designate different engines such as, "K" type and there was only the 4.2L listed.
I would go to a Jaguar dealership and have them make sure what the capacity is, unless you have your owner's manual which should have it under, "capacities".
In the mean time keep the RPMs low as it won't need the extra quarts until you rev it high. However 3 some odd quarts is very low so if you can go to a dealership in another car that would bebest or give them a call. I am sorry you have so much conflicting information about the oil capacity and that I could not clear it up for you. I can tell you though that it probably takes more than the 5 and 1/4 Qts to filll it as it is a lrage V and 8.7 quarts sounds more like it.
Let me know what you find out.