1986 Ford Mustang

I have an 1980s model small block ford and I was driving it one day and I came home and shut it off it was running fine then I went to start it back up and it was hard to keep running and made a knocking noise would that be in the timing?
February 4, 2013.

Is the oil light coming on? Can you tell where the knocking noise is coming from?

No oil light. Sound like it was coming from the front. The oil is fine I baby it didn't spin a bearing

Feb 5, 2013.
Try this. Remove the serp belt and check all the belt driven accessories to see if there is a bad bearing in one of them. Make sure to check the water pump to see if there is up and down play in it. Remember, if you start the engine, only run it long enough to see if the noise is gone. It will over heat with the belt off and other things can occur.