1986 Ford Bronco • 152,000 miles

How do u replace the oil pan on the 351w 4x4 I have all the bolts out and the pan is free but is hitting the crosmember with the 4x4 parts bolted to it?
November 4, 2012.

Remove the bolts attaching the fan shroud the radiator and position the fan shroud over the fan assembly.
Remove the upper intake manifold.
Raise the vehicle.
Remove exhaust manifold exhaust pipe.
Disconnect the oil cooler line at the left side of the radiator if equipped with an automatic transmission.
Remove the nuts and lockwashers attaching the engine support insulators to the chassis bracket.
Drain the crankcase.
Loosen transmission mounting nuts.
Raise the engine and place wood blocks securely under the engine supports.
Remove the oil pan attaching bolts and lower the oil pan onto the crossmember.
Remove the two bolts attaching the oil pump screen cover and tube to the oil pump. Remove nut attaching oil pump screen cover and tube to the number 3 main bearing cap stud. Lower the oil pump screen cover and tube into the oil pan.
Remove the oil pan from the vehicle.