1986 Dodge Aries • 86,000 miles

This problem start gradually over time got worst just normal driving it will die and start right up next day no problem it will run fine 3 days later it will day again than 5 days will be ok and the day number 6 it will die and from there it will continuo to die and start in short times now starts and runs for 1 or 2 minutes and dies the pcm, fuel pump and fuel filter, map sensor, oxigen sensor idle sensor fuel pressure sensor, egr valve, change the timing belt and oil seals all the relays, water pump, starter switch, pvc valve, spark plugs and ignition wires, the whole distributor, ignition coil, air filter, battery and the prolem still there I didnt'change the speed sensor, purge solenoyd and the nutral switch other than that everything has been change. Thankyou for your help traci7lee7casey7@yahoo. Com
November 8, 2011.

Hi wow a lot of parts have been changed. This will probably be a wireing connector problem. The connector at the fuel pump could be corroded or wire freyed or pins not makeing good connection.

Plugs at the power control module freyed pins not makeing good connection coil ekec wires not makeing good connections.

Try and wiggle these connectors why car is running see if you can make it missfire or stall. Hope this helps please feel free to ask all the questions you want. Thanks Billymac

Nov 8, 2011.
Hi thankyou for helping me with this car problem I did what you mention check the wire and pins connections cleaned them reemplaced the pcm and the neutral-start switch the problem the same wiggle the wires check the fuel pump and the spark first time the car start fine runs for 4 or 5 minutes and it dies second tray turnd the key on as the first time heard the fuel pump working but the car will not start try the third time heard the fuel pump working the starter cranks than the car start runs for 2 minutes and it dies try to start it for the fourth time the engine will crank this time no sound of the fuel pump working get out of the car open the hood desconnect the fuel line found fuel and pressure ok chek for spark no spark wait for 20 minutes put the fuel line inside of a clear plastic bottle to colect the fuel go inside the car turnd the key on I heard the fuel pump working again go outside see fuel in the bottle reconnect the fuel line go inside turnd the key to the on position heard the fuel pump than a friend desconnect a spark plug wire put the wire close to ground and when the starter cranks the engine starts rigth away with only 3 cilinders so I turn off the engine we have spark, turnd the key to on heard the fuel pump working starter cranks than the engine stars runs for 3 minutes and dies try to start it again it cranks fuel pump works but it doesnt' start try again starter cranks this time I dont' heard the fuel pump check the spark and is no spark so I try to start it again no fuel pump sound and no spark than wait for 20 or 30 minutes later turnd the key to the on position than I heard the fuel pump working the engine cranks and it doesnt' start I try it again turnd the key heard the fuel pump the starter cranks than the engine starts runs for 3 minutes and dies, what could be the problem? Could it be the asd relay control known as auto shutdown relay where this relay is located an a dodge 1986 aries

Dec 21, 2011.
Hi yes this could be the asd relay. The problem some of this model car had the asd intagrated into the pcm which is located inside the fender driver side. If you have no relay for asd in your relay center then you have to find a new or used pcm.

Dec 22, 2011.