1985 Isuzu Truck • 125,000 miles

How do I time my vehicle?
January 27, 2013.

What motor?


Jan 27, 2013.
1.9 liter gas


Jan 27, 2013.
Check oil jets (in chain guide). Jets should face toward crankshaft.
Make sure that engine is on TDC for #1 cylinder.

Fig. 12 Replacing crankshaft gear

If crank sprocket has been replaced, ensure that chamfered inner side faces toward the engine block.

Timing Chain Installation

Install the chain with the larger number of links (50) between mark plates (1) and (2) facing toward the chain guide. (Fig. 4)
Align lower mark plate with bottom index mark on crank sprocket (Fig. 3).
If automatic adjuster was removed, re-install the adjuster. Set adjuster shoe in the fully retracted position (Fig. 2).
Align camshaft sprocket index mark with upper mark link and secure with mechanic wire (Fig. 1).
Apply sealer to joining face of timing cover.

Oil Pump Drive Gear

Turn oil pump drive gear so that punch mark (1) faces oil filter and center of dowel pin (2) aligns with pump case index mark (3).
Install timing cover and secure temporarily with bolts.
Use an inspection mirror to check that punch mark (1) is turned rearward when viewed between front cover and engine block.
Check that slot in oil pump shaft is parallel with front of engine block and offset is in proper position.
Install and tighten remaining timing cover bolts.

Oil Pan And Gasket

Apply a thin coat of Permatex #2 (or equivalent) to positions shown in figure. Re-install engine oil pan and return engine to normal position.
Re-install crank pulley and torque to: 76.0 - 97.6 ft. Lbs. (10.5 - 13.5 kg-m)

Re-install water pump pulley, radiator, etc.
Install cylinder head. (Refer to CYLINDER HEAD REPLACEMENT under ENGINE MECHANICAL ).
Re-fill engine oil and coolant.
Start engine and warm up to operating temperature.
Recheck for leaks and proper function.

Jan 27, 2013.