1985 BMW 528e • 6 cylinder FWD Automatic • 191,454 miles

How do I replace the belts on an 1985bmw528e myself first time
November 29, 2010.

Are you at all mechanically inclined mate? Do you have the correct replacement belts? Do you have the tools? For the V-belts on that car, I usually cut the old ones off and roll the new ones on very carefully(I dont recommend you try it this way). There are adjusters and pivot bolts that need to be loosened to allow installation of the belts and the they can be brought to the proper tension with the adjusters at the alternator and the air conditioning compressor and the power steering pump, the work is much easier if the car is up on a lift or if the car is up off the ground.

Dr. Hagerty
Nov 29, 2010.