1984 Volvo 245 • 200,000 miles

I drove my car until it was completely empty before I realized that the gas was siphoned the night before. The tow truck driver told me that he was not hearing the fuel pump when I turned it over (he had added 2 gallons of gas before hand). Because of money concerns, I did the two things that I could afford first: I bought and replaced the fuel pump relay and replaced the fuel filter. My question is what is my next step. Would the sediment at the bottom of the tank clog the in tank pump causing it to fail? Or should I replace the main fuel pump first because it is easiest?
October 26, 2012.

As to the fuel pump, replacement of the main pump, if inoperative, is the first step, yes.
The in tank pump is just there to assist the fuel from the tank to the main pump and could be replaced at another time, just keep fuel in the tank, and buy a locking cap!

Dr. Hagerty
Oct 26, 2012.