1984 Mercury Marquis • 175,000 miles

This car has fuel coming out of fuel injectors and good spark on number 1 cylinder. Will not start. Possible Crank sensor? If so were is it located on this v8 engine? It was also splashing/spraying excessive fuel from injectors out of the top of throttle body.
November 15, 2012.

No if it were a bad crank sensor you would not have any spark. You need to check spark on all cylinders, also pull dist. Cap up out of the way, disconnect the coil wire and bump the engine over, is the ignition rotor turning smoothly, if not you have a timing chain issue, if all this seems ok, you mention excess gas coming out of the throttle body, possible fuel regulator bad, also if all the spark plugs have been gas fouled they usually will not fire hot enough to start a wet engine, check these things and let me know, Thanks for using2CarPros

Nov 15, 2012.