1984 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

I recently decided to put together a sbc I had laying around. I used a lightly used crate short block and put 2.02 heads on it. Cant get it to run and I am getting the loudest backfires I have ever heard! Ive checked my ignition timing and firing order on my hei distributor numerous times and they are correct. I know im not 180 off because I found tdc with the valve cover off and verified I was on the compression stroke with my finger in the plug hole. Ive checked compression and they are at 150 in all cylinders. When I take the carb off I noticed there was a lot of standing fuel in the intake. Swaped my Holley for a Edelbrock off a running vehicle and I still have the same problem. I am going crazy over here Can someone please help me?
February 8, 2013.

What kind of cam? What did you set initial timing at? Valve clearance?


Thanks for responding Roy. It has the stock cam from the crate motor. It has hydraulic lifters and they are adjusted to 1/2 turn past 0 lash. As far as my timing setting I dont have a timing tab on this rig but I am close enough that she should run. My neighbors must think Im shooting a cannon over here.

Feb 8, 2013.