1983 Ford Truck • 147,358 miles

I have a 1983 ford ranger 2.0 4 cylinder and just replaced the carburetor. It is not pulling fuel, is the float stuck from storage or is it some other cause? Weber 1 barrel carburetor
William Harrell
January 15, 2012.

Is there fuel leaving the fuel pump? If not, the fuel has likely evaporated over time or drained back into the tank. I've had over a dozen Chrysler products with the same fuel supply system, but only one of them will not draw a prime from the gas tank after it has run out of fuel on the highway. The only way to get that one started is by dribbling a little gas down the carburetor so the engine will run a few seconds each time. The higher engine speed runs the fuel pump faster to help it start drawing fuel from the tank. At the worst, I have to pour gas into the carburetor three times, but usually once or twice will do it.

Jan 15, 2012.