1979 International Scout • V8 4WD Automatic • 105,000 miles

I am having two issues with my 1979 Scout Terra, First it will not start. Nothing getting to the starter to turn it. Had a guy work on the fuse box and got it going twice but continues to not work. I do not want to call him back so I am trying to figure it out myself. Other problem is the back up lights do not work which from what I have seen is the backup / neutral switch. Could this be the problem with the starting too. What is a neutral switch? I ordered the service manuals for this model and they are helpful but prob more helpful to a mechanic. Thanks, David
January 16, 2011.

If y our engine won't turn over then check inot the nuetral safety switch. But if it won't start like no spark or fuel you'll hav eto check it for that. You could have some carb issues that are causing this as well. Or even a choke issue due to it not closing.

Mar 4, 2011.