1976 Chevrolet Custom Deluxe

I need a complete diagram for my 76' k-10 truck, is there a specific website I can go to so I can download it free?
So I can work on my truck under the hood in the cab and anywhere else that is may need work done. Electrical, Engine, heater, and so on.
January 25, 2013.

You can go to mitchel and buy a yearly access for one vehicle. I believe the fee is 20 bucks or less, I'm not sure. Autozone. Com has free wiring diagrams. A lot of libraries carry automotive databases. At least one of their databases, you can access on your home computer. If you live in an area they serve, the access is free, I believe. If you don't live in an area they serve, you can buy access. It costs me 40 dollars a year, but, you get access for all year--make--models that they cover, repair info, wiring diagrams. Not as good as good as Mitchel, but better than nothing. We use use mitchel here.

Jan 25, 2013.