1975 MG Midget • 62,000 miles

I'm guessing that it's the brake light switch. I can't seem to locate it. It may be well hidden under a panel near the brake pedal. Could you direct me to sight that may have illustrations on the location and how to remove / replace the brake light switch on my 75 MG Midget

August 31, 2011.

I doubt anybody is going to have any pictures for that vehicle. The switch will either operate off the brake pedal under the dash or it could be a hydraulic switch in the master cylinder.

Aug 31, 2011.
It's going to be connected in the brake line. If you don't press the brake it won't leak fluid. But if you are keeping this car and wan tto work onthis your self, get teh book by Rick AStley on MG electrical systems. Its very good and gives you step by step procedures with diagrams on where to check along with wire colors. I have an 80 B and these are very similar. Check your harness by the right front where it goes to the back as alot of times the connections are poor and cause trouble for all back end lighting. You may also clean the ground in the trunk behind license plate to make sure you are getting a good ground

Oct 11, 2011.