1975 Chevrolet Other • V8 2WD Automatic •

I have a 1975 chevy pickup with a 350 motor and a th350 transmission I have a problem with the governor in the transmission I had the governor replace because the governor got stuck in second gear won't let it go back to first gear when I stop now the new governor is acting the same problem what will cause this? It will shift fine to 2-3 but no 1-2 it will shift fine manually through the gears
August 22, 2011.

Proberbly a stuck or sticky shift valve in the valve body, something I would not recommend you doing at home.

Sep 1, 2011.
Check the vacuum hose going to the vacuum modulator. Make sure it is connected and in good shape. You may have that bad as well as that helps during downshifts. If you replace it and it still doesn't help take to a trans shop.

Sep 21, 2011.