1972 Chevrolet Camaro • 73,000 miles

I have a 72 camaro with a GM ZZ383 with a Muncie 4spd 10 bolt 355 gears. When I am going through the gears and then let off of the gas, the car wants to come to a stop and chirps the tirss when I let off the gas? Brakes are NOT sticking and wheels roll free when running in nutural on jack stands. I think it is the clutch, if so WHY? Also the throttle response is gone? Crazy!
October 28, 2012.

Hard telling have a local mechanic look at it. Make sure axle and trans are full of oil, that may have something to do with it. I kind of duobt it's the clutch, migh tbe a u-joint as well. Or it may be the positraction unit dong that especially if you are going around a corner. If it's the posi unit you can get an additive at a GM dealer.

Oct 28, 2012.