1971 Ford LTD • 56,000 miles

Engine turns but wont start up. Sounds like its struggling. Car just died on me like it was out of gas one day spit out white smoke right before and havnt been able to get it running right since. Went to two shops one said they had no idea. The other said valves may be stuck and the vacum test read 300 when it should be at 500? II love love love this car and will Never ggive it up. Dual steel exhaust original exterior/interior and paint hardtop and coincidence should have it im a punk rocker and this is the same car from my favorite punk rock movie Suburbia from 1982 I am in love with my car and its my 2nd car ever please help!
January 5, 2013.

Start with basics first. Compression, fuel, spark test.

Vacuum readings given to you make no sense. Cranking vacuum is different than that. Compression test will help clear that up.


Just to add to this check your timing chain it's probably a tooth or two off

Jan 5, 2013.
I have a 1978 ltd 2 that did the same thing so may be this will help it ended up being the control module but yours is a 71 it may be the points in the distributor to chek take the coil wire off and see if it wil ark off the motor (grond it out and lok for spark

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Jan 17, 2013.