1970 Chevrolet Chevelle • 36,000 miles

Left hand turn signal light (in dash) does not illuminate when selected. Left hand front and rear turn lights work normally. Suspect bulb burned out but need to know how to change it.

November 19, 2012.

Try reaching under the dash and up. If you cannot, remove the cluster to acess the bulb


Nov 19, 2012.
If you have the basic dash with the horizontal speedometer and the automatic transmission it is pretty easy to replace this bulb. If you look carefully at the row of warning lights below the speedometer you will see three of the little rectangular lenses are actually screw covers. One is at the extreme left, one is at the extreme right and the third is two places to the right of the transmission indicator window. Use a miniature screwdriver or something like an x-acto knife to pop the little covers out of the recesses. Once the covers are out you will see the screw heads. Remove the screws and the whole warning light panel will come out exposing the bulbs. If you have the SS dash or a manual transmission you are on your own. Sorry.

El Camino Dave
Dec 2, 2012.