1969 Chevrolet Corvair

Im considering buying a 69 corvair Monza, and I understand they are fairly rare, I was concerned as to how difficult it would be to find parts and to repair?
April 24, 2011.

What part of the country are you in? I'm in the middle of Wisconsin. We have the nation's second largest old car show and swap meet where you can find almost anything. Carlilse, PA is the other huge show with lots of friendly people. I've only been to their Mopar show, but again, anything you want will be there.

Two brothers live near me who are into Corvairs and they don't seem to have trouble finding parts. There was even a complete running car on an auction two years ago so the stuff is still around.

Apr 24, 2011.
They were pretty rare. They needed a lot of parts too if I remember right. They weren't a very reliable or or popular car back then but that probably makes them worth more now.

Apr 25, 2011.
Clark corvair in conneticut. You can build a car from there stock of car parts.