1966 Pontiac Lemans • V8 2WD Automatic •

I have a 66 lemans with a 326 engine, I would like to install a ignition conversion kit in it. Is there one that you could recommend to do it? I was looking at the Mallory 501 conversion kit but is says that it is for a 2 point system and 12 volt where the car has a drop down to 9 volt because of the single point don't burn out. Can you tell me more? Thanks, Paul
April 26, 2011.

Just run power off the 9 volt system before it breaks it down to 9 volts, you just need swiched 12 volt power from the key, there has got to be somthing you can use.

What would be the unit to change the system over to a 12 volt system? I'd like to eliminate the 9 volt system so there will be more of a spark at the spark plugs.

Apr 28, 2011.
If you wan tto convert to electronic ignition, then get a unit like a pertronix or crane, they include instructions on how to install it CORRECTLY and not worry abou the 9 volt /12 volt areas.

Jun 19, 2011.