1961 Holden FC • 6 cylinder 2WD Manual •

Hi there,
After pulling out and putting back the Grey Motor for my FC Holden I can't get the distributor to produce a spark and fire the engine. Any ideas on what the problem may be will be greatly appreciated.

July 31, 2011.

I will presume that the distributor is turning and aligned with No1 tdc, so if this is the case, check for 12V ignition on at the coil (+) coil (-) goes to the distributor, with distributor on No1 firing, check that you have about.012" points gap, if you do not have a spark when cranking then and the distributor is turning, check for a faulty connection at the distributor, with the points closed ignition on, if you get a screw driver and open the points the coil lead if placed near an earth should spark.

Jul 31, 2011.