Ford Ranger

I have a 1995 Ford Ranger that looks a little rough but still runs well enough for my oldest boy to cut his teeth on. The only thing ever needed is a starter replacement about 2 years ago and a clutch replacement that took place a few months ago. At any rate, it's a manual transmission, 140000 miles, 4 cylinder that began to exhibit a rapid parasitic battery drain (before the clutch repair so it's not related to that). I checked all the extras that I had installed, phone system, lighting etc thinking that I had some wiring shorting. But now I've found that pulling fuse #25 labeled " Speedometer/GEM system" drops the battery draw (Engine off) from 234 ma to about 4. The high draw on that circuit remains constant even after a couple of hours, leading me to think that the electronics/computer are never shutting down. The ignition switch has been loose for a whie and now is very loose. I wonder if there is an issue in the switch that is " fooling" the system into not shutting down. Other than the " GEM" system however, all other systems act as they should when the switch is off.

Any suggestions? I'm trying to get this thing ready for drivers ed.

November 15, 2007.

There is either a short in the speedometer wire or the hazards

Oct 7, 2011.
Did ya fix it? What was it?

Oct 29, 2011.