WOULD A 00 VVTI 1.4 GEARBOX FIT MY 99 1.3 ???

1999 Toyota Corolla



January, 14, 2014 AT 1:40 AM

Third gear is crunching in my 1999 Toyota Corolla hatchback but this is common in a corolla. Also I pull trailers with it from time to time which doesn't help the gearbox either. I recently bought a 1.4 VVTI gearbox out of a 2000 Toyota corolla hatchback I'm planning on fitting it this weekend. But my major concern is will this 1.4 gearbox fit straight on to my 1999 1.3 Toyota Corolla hatchback. If it doesn't slot straight on if I put my 1.3 litre bell housing on the 1.4 gearbox would it then fit or is this possible. And I am presuming by fitting a 1.4 gearbox to a 1.3 engine that my gear ratio are going to be slightly longer. Will this be noticeable or will it be ok. Cheers lads any positive feedback will be very much appreciated.

1 Answer



January, 14, 2014 AT 3:32 PM

From memory the transmissions are the same, but first I would be checking the I.D plate just to make sure first.

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