2001 Volvo V70 Low beams don't work

  • 2001 VOLVO V70
  • 6 CYL
  • FWD
  • 65,000 MILES
Both low beams quit working at the same time on my 01 V70. I installed 2 new bulbs with no luck. I changed the 2-10amp fuses in the cockpit and engine compartment, with no luck. There are no error messages. Except for "bulb position failure" which has been on long before low beams stopped working. High beams and all other lights work fine. Any ideas?
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Tuesday, December 8th, 2009 AT 9:46 AM

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First the position bulb failure message means you have one of your running lights out. Could be in the front or the rear? As for your front low beams, did you actually check for power going through the fuse? A simple test light and probing the fuse at both points should show you have power or not? If not check fuse #3 in the cockpit and make sure there is power going through that fuse. That fuse powers up the low beam relay which then power goes through another relay called a shunt which then passes power through the 2 10 amp fuses you replaced powering up the low beam bulbs. The relay box is actually the central electronic module. To access you need to remove the drivers sound proof panel. The panel is the one with the little door for acess to the diagnostic link connector where you would plug in the scanner. Once removed look up to the left of the brake pedal and you will see the module with fuses, relays, and shunts. It is hard to remove from it's location so that you can lower it down and have access to the relay. There is a catch you need to pray on with a flat tip screw driver located towards the left? Why they put it there I dont know? Once you figure out how to release it to lower it down relay CM17 is the low beam relay. Swapp with CM14 (high beam relay) and recheck lights. If they come on you have a bad relay. If not look at shunt CSH4 that is for low beams also. Swapp with any one of the shunts available and see if the lights come on. If it does then it is a bad shunt If they still dont come on then you wil need to take it in to your local garage or Volvo dealer for further diagnosis? From there it could be a bad light switch or the Central Electronic Module itself could be bad or you have an open circuit somewhere in the wiring. Tried attaching the picture of the CEM but comes out too small read? Maybe I can email it to you?


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Friday, December 11th, 2009 AT 1:49 AM

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