1998 Volvo V70 turns over, won't start

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Engine problem
1998 Volvo V70 All Wheel Drive Automatic 225000 miles

1998 Volvo V70 XC AWD 2.4L, 5 cyl.

I recently pulled the engine and transmission in order to replace old seals and gaskets. The car has 225,000 miles and was leaking everywhere, but other than that, the car was running fine. We had driven it around many times before pulling the engine. I finished the work and put the engine back in, and the car turns over strongly, but won’t fire. There is no spark getting to the plugs so I checked the distributor wire coming from the coil. There was no spark either. I have checked the crankshaft positioning sensor and the camshaft positioning sensor. Both check out good. I checked all fuses to make sure none were burnt. All good. I double checked all connectors to all sensors and cleaned them with connector cleaner to ensure good contact. I double checked the timing and alignment marks and even put a compression tool in the number 1 cylinder to make sure that it is on top dead center. I even compared it to another engine in the junkyard. There are no codes although I am using a regular code reader not specifically for Volvo's. And, yes, the ground strap from the body is tight. Since then, I have also rechanged the crank sensor and the camshaft sensor and put a new coil. Nothing. Then I replaced the main engine relay. Still nothing. I located the automatic shutdown relay and there is no lack of voltage to any so I assume they are fine too. The distributor is dummy proof and cannot be put in 180 degrees off so that is not it. Where does that lead me? I have hit rock bottom. Any help on why I am getting no spark? I will check the neutral start switch on the transmission by tomorrow (1/1/08) and update if that doesn't work.

Here are some ideas from others: I've acted on all but the switch.

Number 1 did you rehook ground strap on firewall to engine block, or your coilpack could be bad. If you have distributor try replaceing pic up modgul in it.

Number 2 Did you re-install the ground strap from the engine to the body and/or frame? Also, check the automatic shutdown relay, as it supplies battery voltage to the ignition coils.

Number 3 how about crank sensor or ecm fuse in fuse box. If crank sensor is not position correct will not fire make sure it is not rubing h. Balancer.I think volvo put it their. If not check back of trans if every thing is ok it has to be one of the 2 not to get spark. Let me know.

Number 4 How about the neutral start switch on the transmission? This can cause a no-spark situation if it were damaged or disconnected during the engine replacement.

Number 5 How about the ignition module, usually in the distributor. Also, did you check that distributor was not accidentally installed 180 degrees off?

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