2000 Volvo S70 2000 Volvo S70 87225 miles engine oil leaks

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Engine problem
2000 Volvo S70 Automatic 87225 miles

I took my car to the dealership for an oil leak. They said it was the rear main seal and we should replace. Also suggested to replace front engine seal (it was "seeping") the pvc box was clogged, and we might as well replace timing belt and water pump. I opted only for the rear main seal, a $1600 job in itself. A week or so later, my husband, a BMW tech, put car in the air to check, saw the same oil build up that was there initially. We took it back and now they are saying the front cam seals, rear cam seals, pcv box/hoses, water pump and timing belt should all be replaced ($3000). I declined. Now, a week later, the tranny was slipping and gears were not responding properly (i woudl go backwards when in drive as I accelerated, vice versa) and there was no transmission fluid in the car. I feel i've been duped. Could they have damaged the tranny when taking it out to replace rear main seal? Did the rear main seal need replacement at all or was this a misdiagnosis from the beginning? How did they not see weak or "seeping" cam seals while doing the initial work on the rear main seal, yet they noticed one of my sway bar links needed replacement, and did so for free, without telling/asking me. I need some guidance.

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Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008 AT 11:18 AM

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