Rough idle and gas cut out

  • VOLVO 940

I have a 1996 volvo 960 station wagon (I don't know the engine size, I am at work) 6 cyl with 200,000 on it.

The problem is this. I bought it used and the owner is a vovo mechanic that agreed to help make repairs when he had the time. It was a great idea so I bought the car. It was running okay but I had an engine light on and it was getting terrible gas mileage (20 mpg) so I asked him to check it out. He took it and changed out the plugs, did and oil change and told me that I needed a pressure sensor and 2 new ignition coils. He also agreed to put a new catalitic (sp) converter on it but that because the old one was an after factory one that I would need a new front muffler. He did all that and right after that I would have a hard time starting it which never happened before and I would go to take off and the gas would almost cut out and I would have to pump the gas to keep from stalling. He then installed a iat sensor to see if that would take care of the hard start (that was last week and so far no problem with that but it was intermitent to begin with so I'm holding my breath) however the idle situation is bad. I can be sitting at a red light and all of a sudden the car will begin to idle so roughly that it threatens to cut out and when I start out it almost cuts out again and I have to pump it again. He put his equipment on it but gets no issues showing up. I am at my wits end and cannot afford to keep guessing as to what the problem is. Any help out there?

Do you
have the same problem?
Thursday, September 13th, 2007 AT 12:30 PM

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