1991 940 Turbo not starting

  • 1991 VOLVO 940

Thanks in advance for your time and assistance. I have a 1991 Volvo 940 Turbo Sedan w/ 138,000 miles. Due to a blown headgasket we just recently had the headgasket, water pump, timing belt replaced along with a standard plugs and wires tune up. Just prior to this we had the fuel filter replaced due to the car stalling out and loseing power. After the major work above was fininshed the car ran fine for about 2 weeks. One morning it does not start. It is not even making an attempt just turning over. Well I know the only thing that was not replaced was the fuel pump under the drivers side seat. I replaced that and checked the still new and functioning fuel filter, and still nothing. I pulled a spark plug, a bit soiled but nothing to prevent firing and there was really no smell of fuel. Not like there would be if the auto was not sparking and flooding. The pump and the filter are getting fuel so its not the pump in the tank or a cloged sock in the tank. The pump can be heard to kick on when the ignition is kicked on. The car turns over but makes no attempt to start. Am I missing something after the filter and before the injectors? Is it the injectors? Please help, this is a really nice auto thats just sitting for some silly reason I cant fathom. Thanks again!


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Monday, July 24th, 2006 AT 9:40 AM

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You need injector pulse for fuel to come out of them. Any spark?

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Tuesday, September 12th, 2006 AT 5:27 PM

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