1996 Volvo 850 Front Seal Leak

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Transmission problem
1996 Volvo 850 Engine Size unknown Front Wheel Drive Automatic 216000 miles

My Volvo is leaking transmission fluid profusely; if I fill it up with fluid completely, in 7-10 days I willl be almost completely empty. The mechanic at my local garage said there's a leak around my front main seal and quoted me $1550 to fix it. The trade-in value of my Volvo is only $1200. I am a full-time college student with very limited income and I rely heavily on this car. So I have 2 questions; first: Is there anything I can do myself to repair the leak? (My mechanic already put some kind of additive in with the transmission fluid that was supposed to slow the leak and it didn't). Secondly: I've heard that well-kept Volvo's can rack up something like 500,000, is there any truth to this? If I could get another 300,000 miles out of my Volvo, then do you think $1550 might be worth it? Or am I kidding myself in thinking it'll last that long?

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Saturday, February 23rd, 2008 AT 4:44 PM

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